Business-to-business loss prevention services on a global scale.

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Erinyes International provides business-to-business loss prevention services from our headquarters in the UK and with a regional operations centre in China and a network of agents throughout the European Union, Eastern Europe, Middle East, Africa, Asia, Australia, Central and North America.

As well as offering a global service we support clients across multiple sectors and industries.

erinyes sectors

Human health and social work activities

Financial and insurance activities

IT and network solutions

Information and communication

Accommodation and food service activities

Wholesale and retail trade

Education, Arts, entertainment and recreation

Food and Beverage production and distribution

Transportation and storage

Professional, scientific and technical activities

Administrative and support service activities

Manufacturing & Engineered products

Brand Protection

Our brand protection and legal teams make use of decades of valuable experience to find cost-effective, innovative and practical solutions.

Security Support

Providing support to corporate security on a range of loss prevention issues. With core competencies in business and criminal law and law enforcement.

Human Resources

With an international team of screeners in over 120 countries, we have the capacity to verify new hires and minimise the chances of recruiting the wrong people.


With a broad international footprint and the requisite language and research capability, we have the skills and resources to conduct national and international investigations to uncover the facts.

Legal Support

Information and evidence are essential to the success of legal actions. We work to uncover the facts, identify the parties involved and pierce the veil of secrecy surrounding illicit activity.


Investigative specialists throughout Europe, Middle East, Africa, Asia and Australia, supported by our regional headquarters, provide near global coverage.