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Corporate Services

Intellectual property is critical to the profitability, growth and successful internationalisation of businesses. Intellectual property is frequently the most valuable asset a business possesses.

Innovative products, services and know-how will be subject to plagiarism, counterfeiting and theft; often on a scale proportional to the success of the product or service. Limiting the impact and preventing future losses will enhance access to markets and increase the value of the business.

Erinyes International provides:

  • International Anti-counterfeiting Investigations
  • Product and Brand Market Surveys
  • Intellectual Property Acquisitions
  • Test Purchasing / Controlled Sample Purchases
  • Administrative and Criminal Enforcement
  • Customs Notification and Monitoring
  • Law Enforcement Training
  • Enforcement Audits
  • Licensee and Vendor Brand Compliance checks
  • Expert Witness Testimony

Working directly with those responsible for corporate intellectual property, brand protection and their legal counsel, Erinyes makes use of decades of valuable experience to implement cost-effective, innovative and practical solutions to identify, locate and intervene against intellectual property threats.

Prevention works best and many instances of counterfeiting and theft originate from known affiliates. Good management and corporate responsibility require businesses to know their suppliers, partners, affiliates and to take steps to safeguard the reputation of their products and services. Here too Erinyes has the experience and geographical resources to implement effective solutions where they are needed.

With comprehensive resources in the EMEA and Asia and a strong focus on China and ASEAN our team has real expertise, operates within all regulatory frameworks and is ethically and legally compliant.